I coach you
to become successful in
Canada & USA !
One of the biggest mistake people make, is making immigration plans with-out knowing what awaits them, or what could have been chosen and done better! Most of them, return to their home country soon after arrival.
It all comes down to have an immigration strategy,  not to just immigrate! But to become successful, and immerse in the community.
Once you do that, you automatically become a permanent residency candidate and your success in North America is guaranteed.

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Ivan Kovačević
Canadabal and Amir totally changed my life.
  I am so lucky that I found Canadabal on internet, I was totally depressed in my home country, Croatia,  and had no plans to find a job or live a better life until I came across Canadabal on internet. 
With Amir's guidance I was able to find my dream career and move to Canada.
I am living a Canadian Dream now.

our top-notch
coaching programs
Either you are thinking to immigrate as a student or entrepreneur we have packages for you:

-Ultimate Admission and Funds Hunting Guide for those who want to study and find available scholarships

-The Dream Career finder coaching program for those who are stuck in life and not sure what to do next

-The Future Canadian Entrepreneur Program, for those who would like to. purchase or start a business in Canada

-The Mastermind Resume writing and Job hunting for those who are already in Canada and would like to work in corporate with a steady income

-The Skill-boost Package to learn the necessary skills such as Excel, Data and Softwares required for most jobs in Canada

" The Secret is to hire a Professional Service Firm who is side by side you all the way "
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The requirements
to open a company in canada
  • Having a local address in Canada is mandatory when opening a company in any province or even at a federal level;
  • ​Preparing the incorporation documents and appointing a specialized agent to submit them with the Trade Register;
  • ​​ Reserving a company name number, depending on the preferences of the foreign investor opening the business;
  • ​Obtaining a Canadian tax registration number and registering for VAT here are also mandatory;
  • ​Obtaining the relevant licenses and permits for offering services or selling goods from the Canadian authorities.
Amir Khajavi
I help you to design a better future for yourself
Immigrating to Canada, is actually the first step toward your future.
Once you put your foot in Canadian soil, you need a job , you need friends, a significant other and you need to become successful in order to be able to get permanent residency.
We help you with the best immigration plan, before and after coming to Canada, how to write a business plan or resume to get a job or create a job.
Should you come to Canada to study or start a business?
We provide you coaching programs that help you become a successful immigrant, instead of becoming depressed and regretting not to do right things in the right times.  

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We are not immigration consultants or lawyers, rather we are successful immigrants who are passing down the torch to new immigrants
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